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In order to grow spawn successfully without too much fear of contamination, there must be a safe way to exchange gasses while the mycelium grows.  The only way to successfully do this is by using synthetic filters or bag with filters affixed to them.

Synthetic Filter Disks


These filters facilitate clean air exchange and are designed to be
placed inside the lid which should have a 1/2" hole drilled into it. 



Small Mouth

$2.25 each

Wide Mouth

$2.50 each

4" Filter

$3.00 each

Autoclavable Plastic Lids

After a 1/2" hole has been drilled into the middle of the lid, a synthetic filter disc is inserted into the lid to allow for clean air exchange. Used on jars for grain spawn production.  These lids come in 2 sizes only: 70mm & 90mm


70mm Lid
Small Mouth

$1.25 each
90mm Lid
Wide Mouth

$1.75 each

Autoclavable Filter Spawn Bags

These gusseted bags allow for gas exchange through the filter patch while preventing contaminates from entering the bag. Ideal for use in the production of grain and sawdust spawn.   Size 21 x 8 x 4.75"

Works great with an Impulse Sealer!

Autoclavable Filter Spawn Bags
Only buy what you need!
Only $2.00 each

Buy Quantity and save! 


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